Does Enterprise Sites support open data?

10-05-2021 10:26 AM
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I am using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9. Currently I can not make my Enterprise Site an open data site as users need to sign in to Enterprise to download the data from content library. Is there a plan to enable open data for Enterprise Sites? I learned that there was a patch for 10.8. Will there be a patch for 10.9, or will it be enabled in future releases?

I opened a case (#02875609) for this issue, but the support service could not find a solid answer, and asked me to post in the community. My organization is reviewing how to deploy open data, so I need to know whether there is a plan for Enterprise Site to support anonymously download.

Thank you.

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Just a note to myself that this post described a similar problem, but I do not see a respond from Esri.

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I've ran across this issue and there is a bug: 


Synopsis: Unable to download data of a referenced feature service from ArcGIS Enterprise Sites.

I believe the bug is currently being looked at. Additionally, I've recently discovered if you share a referenced feature layer to ArcGIS Portal's Enterprise Sites, be certain the "Export Data" option is toggled on in the Share Configuration options. When you navigate to the Sites download source, you now have the option to download, but the download itself is not working for me. The Download meter goes to 150% (instead of 100%) and when you download the data, you may receive a Compressed Folder error.


Hope this helps.