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Image layer with vector field renderer asks to create extra vector layer

03-01-2021 02:08 AM
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Hello everyone,

in Portal 10.8.1 if I add an Image Service with default renderer of type 'Vector field' then I get a stretched renderer in the map viewer instead of the vector arrow symbols I had when I published from arcgis pro.



If I switch to the layer renderer settings it tells me that 'current selection results in vector data. Do you want to add them as a vector layer?':


So I have to manually add a second layer.

The problem is we create our map automatically from Jupyter Notebook:

map =, zoomlevel=14)
for item in items:

All image layers appear with their correct default raster function renderer except the vector field one.

So is it possible to add image layer with vector field default renderer as vector layer directly?

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