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Custom Print Templates

02-08-2020 02:44 PM
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I'm using portal with enterprise ed. 10.7.1.

I've managed to create a working custom print service via publishing an 'export web map' gp task with the 'get layout templates info' task added to the service.

The rest endpoint of the export web map task is then added to the standard print widget in the portal JS API web app builder.

This has allowed the user to specify titles and authors etc in the widget window then export a graphic map. 

The template also contains a legend and scalebar. The scalebar works but will obviously come up with uncommon ranges at different scales, e.g. going up to 0.9 km instead of 1 km. Realistically I dont see any way around this but if anyone has ideas they would be well recieved.

The legend works to a fashion  but has a problem where if no items exist, it just takes up the whole page with a blank box..

I would love to know any ways to customize graphics on the template, e.g the user can click on a drop down list of HR, Accounting, Sales etc and their logos are added to the map. I know this can be done via a multitude of different templates but I want the user experience to be simple. If so, would this need to be done by creating a custom widget, using the dev WAB, or pure JS?

Any other experiences and advice will be very well recieved.

Thanks for your time!

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Did you get any solution? I have the same issue.

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