Pop-ups do not work in web app, work in web map

11-15-2016 09:36 AM
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I have been troubleshooting a web application. The issue I’m running into is: the popups are not working on the web application.

The pop ups work fine in the web map attached to the application. They also only work in the web application after you use either the query tool or the measure tool. 

I have tried various remove pop-up/enable pop-up scenarios, saving and editing the app and web map, reconfiguring the pop ups for each layer. Nothing seems to be working. I have also used ago-assistant to look at the sources of the data that the web map is pointing to and everything seems fine. 

Just wondering if you have any recommendations on where I should go from here. I have also cleaned up the folder and deleted all files that were not linked to the app or map.

*I am using Portal for ArcGIS

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I've started getting the same thing recently using WAB Developer Edition 2.4. 

The pop up works fine in the web map but when trying the same in WAB, it says 'no information'.

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If you take a look at the dev tools, what does the network tab say when a query request is made?  Are there any errors in the console tab?

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