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I use a map that is projected in NAD83 and on it is the Layer PLSS that shows Section, Township and Range numbers in each square for streetlight billing purposes.  My question is, in NAD27 are each of the squares also named Section, Township and Range?  And where do I find these numbers?  I've searched the internet for two days and I obviously don't understand or have missed the graphic somewhere.  The Utility company has gone to the NAD27 numbering system and wow! it is totally different then the NAD83 PLSS system used in the past.  So, if NAD27 uses PLSS numbering I need to know where to find it.

thanks for any help.
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I guess I don't fully understand.  You're talking about two different things here.  NAD83 and NAD27 are datums used by a coordinate system, usually something like UTM.  PLSS is the Public Land Survey System that divides areas up according to Townships, each of which is a 36 square mile area and arranged in grid of Townships (rows) and Ranges (columns); Each individual township is subdivided into sections (each section is 1 square mile or 640 acres).  The fact that you may have a PLSS dataset in NAD27 versus NAD83 shouldn't have anything to do with the Township, Range, Section values or even with how those are structured in an attribute table..  It seems backwards to me that the utility company is moving from NAD83 to NAD27 as NAD83 is an improvement on the other and most datasets are more compatible with NAD83 these days.

Perhaps if you could show an example of what it is you are asking about that would help.
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