Not all layers are publishing (No error Messages)

10-14-2021 01:37 PM
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Hi there,


I seem to be having an issue with publishing. When trying to publish a feature service, I see every single layer published in my map service, but in the feature service, layers are missing. Has anyone experienced this before?

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Are you publishing from ArcMap to your GIS Server?

Try publishing only the Map Service (Don't enable "Feature Access" while publishing). Once the map is published successfully, Edit the Service > Capabilities > Enable "Feature Access" > Save and Restart.

Refresh the REST directory URL, if required. Does the issue persist?

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Hi Jayanta. No luck... I enable feature access from server manager and then get an error once the service is published saying service was published with errors.

Layers are still not present in the feature service. Any other ideas that could help?

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Old thread yes, but I just ran into this same issue. Any resolutions?


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