New StoryMaps in Portal for ArcGIS?

02-12-2020 11:49 AM
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Are the new StoryMaps that were released July 2019 available in Portal? If not, any idea if/when they will be?

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Shane Miles‌ have you seen if the new story maps are in portal?

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Cheers Ben Turrell‌ Ill try my best. 

Hi Sam Maloney

Please find Owen Evans comment on Copy online story map to on-prem portal. His comment was "Unfortunately copying a StoryMaps item to your portal won't work since the code for the new ArcGIS StoryMaps doesn't exist in your portal environment. We're looking at bringing the new StoryMaps to ArcGIS Enterprise and will have more to announce about that in 2020.".

I hope this has answered your question. 


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Has this been resolved? Is the new ArcGIS StoryMaps available on Portal? It looks like my organization only has the classic Esri Story Maps. 

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