Issues with Configuration of Public Notification Widget on Enterprise

07-06-2020 01:19 PM
by Anonymous User
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I am working on updating a project in Web App Builder that utilized the Public Notification widget. Previously I have been able to configure the map with the custom pop-up. Now I have gone back to this application to try to make some updates and I am unable to do further configurations to the Public Notification widget.

I have tried remaking the application and creating a new one with a new map, both of which have not worked.

The ArcGIS online version of the widget seems to be working fine and looks like there have been updates to the widget and how it works. Attached is a picture of what happens when I try to configure on web app builder on enterprise.

Is anyone else having this issue with Public Notification on Enterprise?

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I am also having this problem. Did you find a solution?


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