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01-21-2020 08:34 AM
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I am having an issue where when I view data from a feature layer in ArcGIS Portal, attachments I have added to records in the feature layer via python do not appear to 'count' for the attachment count: The GUI will say there are zero 'Photos and Files' associated with the record, but when I click the 'Add' button, an existing attachment appears as expected.

If I go to 'Add' and add another attachment through the GUI, this attachment count will increase to '1', despite there now being 2 attachments. I remove my secondary attachment, and the count goes back down to zero.

Using the REST services, if I go to <feat server url>/1/OBJECTID/attachments. I see my one attachment:

This is the Python I am using (within an FME Workbench) to attach the attachments in bulk:

Basically I am using requests library to POST to <feat server url>/1/OBJECTID/addAttachment.

The token and f=json are specified in the url and so are not included in the call.

import fme

import fmeobjects

import requests

def processFeature(feature):


    url = feature.getAttribute('addAttachmentURL')


    mime_type = feature.getAttribute('mime_type')


    filename = feature.getAttribute('_justfilename')

    filenamewithpath = feature.getAttribute('_filename')


    files = {'attachment': (filename, open(filenamewithpath,'rb'), mime_type, {})}


    r =, files=files)





Is there something I must do after making the addAttachment call to increment the attachment count that Portal uses?

ArcGIS Server version 10.71

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I have got the same problem with portal 10.7.1. I asked for the support there is a bug referenced on 10.8 : BUG-000132192

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