Enabling Single Sign ON for WAB Applications

01-21-2021 02:42 AM
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Hi. We have ArcGIS Server Manager and Portal for Arcgis federated.
We have created some Web applications using WAB.
We would like to integrate these applications(multiple) into a single Arcgis Site Application.
We are interested to assign a user login for this site.
Signing into a site should enable to work the multiple WAB applications integrated into ArcGIS site without any additional login for each WAB application.
How to enable single Sign in Method ? Kindly suggest.

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As long as they Web AppBuilder applications have the same sharing permissions as your site, the user should not be prompted for additional authentication when accessing the site. 


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Thanks Lynsey for your reply. I have shared the WAB application and site to the same group. Whether i have to share the map service or rest service from the Arcgis server to the same group where i have shared the application and site!

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