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Hosted Feature Layer Does not Publish All Records

04-27-2023 05:37 AM
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I have an ArcPro map that I've used to publish a referenced feature service from our EGDB. In addition to standard feature classes, the map also has SQL view layers joining a parcel dataset to a table view from a different piece of software. When I publish from this document to the Federated (10.8.1) server, everything behaves as expected.

I've recently been trying to use this service in a Dashboard, and come to the conclusion that it's simply too weighty as a referenced service. I decided to try publishing the exact same map document as a Hosted Feature Layer (greatly improved dashboard performance, BTW), but one of the layers that is a SQL view is missing some thousands of records. Other layers constructed the same way are fine, and as I mentioned, the publishing document is exactly the same, no definition queries added, etc. 

Is there anything that might cause a Hosted Feature Layer to drop features/records from a dataset?

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