Federation validation fails on web-context URL

07-12-2022 06:26 AM
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We have a base ArcGIS Enterprise environment HA in a box. We are facing issues/failures (ArcGIS Server services URL 'https://xxxxxx.co.xyz.nj.us/server' cannot be validated against 'https://xxxxx.co.xyz.nj.us/server/rest/info'. If the service URL is a proxy URL verify it is accessible to clients) during the validation of the federated server on the web-context URL. When we change the federation URLs to web-adaptor or private server URLs the federation becomes successful. Although the web-context URL is accessible from the machines.

We have tested a few scenarios based on the federation URLs and captured the results shown below in the table:-

ScenarioCase 1Case 2Case 3Case 4Case 5
Admin URLWebContext URLWebadaptor URLPrivate URLPrivate URLWebadaptor URL
Server URLWebContext URLWebadaptor URLPrivate URLWebContext URLWebContext URL
FederationFailedSuccessSuccessSuccess with warningsSuccess with warnings
 ArcGIS Server administration URL 'https://xxxxx.co.xyz.nj.us/server' is accessible.
The federated server does not have an ArcGIS Data Store registered as a managed database and cannot be set as a hosting server.
Error: java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect.
  ArcGIS Server services URL 'https://xxxxxx.co.xyz.nj.us/server' cannot be validated against 'https://xxxxx.co.xyz.nj.us/server/rest/info'. If the service URL is a proxy URL verify it is accessible to clients.


Additionally, we have done host mapping as our machines and SSL certificate are on different domains. Machines have a domain - *.mcad.co.xyz.nj.us

SSL certificate domain - *.co.xyz.nj.us

Host mapping - 10.xxx.yy.zz - enterprisevm1.co.xyz.nj.us

                             10.xxx.yy.ww - enterprisevm2.co.xyz.nj.us

Web context URL - https://gisportalstag.co.xyz.nj.us

Kindly, go through the test case scenarios and help us with your suggestions. 

Any help will be highly appreciated.

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can you perform the federation validation from the rest Admin of the Portal?
can you attach a screenshot of the result?

in addition, is there a proxy on the servers?


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Hello @Oiligriv,

Thanks for your early response.

I have validated the servers from the rest admin of the portal. Below the are results for Case 1 and Case 5 as mentioned in the post.



Additionally, we don't have a proxy on the servers. The web-context URL is used internally by adding A record in DNS against the load balancers IP. IN the future we will open public communication by adding a firewall and global DNS 

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The first screen that reports the error concerns the inability of Portal for ArcGIS to reach the server url to retrieve the info.

in the second screen it appears that the Relational Datastore is not registered on your GIS Server.

in the first case, usually the fault lies with the Proxy, by setting the exclusions correctly everything will work correctly.
but it seems that you are not using the Proxy right?

From the server where Portal for ArcGIS is installed, can you open the web page https: //mcgisportalstag.xxxx.xx/server/rest/info with a browser?
It could be a HOSTS file problem or a missing DNS record

let me know

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