Experience Apps to show in Galleries

11-19-2021 02:40 PM
by Anonymous User
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I have created several minimal galleries to show and share content across the organizations. Each gallery is associated with a group. We share only the content we want to display on the gallery to that group. This approach seems to work pretty well to avoid sharing and showing services or other related data that is not significant for the end user.

In the minimal gallery created, we are only showing Apps to reduce the content the end user can see. This approach seems to be working ok, except the applications developed using the new Experience Builder do not show, even when they have been shared with the group or I select to display All on the gallery.

There other items that do not show like Surveys, but those are ok in our case because we just want to share content with the users.

We considered building experiences to add the content, but it is time consuming and needs maintenance.

Is this support it? How can I display Experiences in the minimal gallery?

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