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Customising Time Slider functionality - WAB

07-09-2021 03:42 AM
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Portal 10.6.1 / AGOL if needed.

Hi all,

I have several time-enabled datasets with a start and end time.  These datasets are at various temporal resolutions i.e. Hourly and spanning several weeks.

The Map Viewer time slider allows the user to specify date ranges and the granularity of the slider intervals e.g. show only 10 July - 11 July with 1 hour intervals.

The time slider widget within an App however doesn't seem to provide this functionality, and the actual time slider is much smaller and difficult to work with.  Any filters applied to the data also don't seem to affect the temporal range of the slider (as I'm thinking it reads this at the data level rather than the map layer level).

The ideal functionality within an app would be a much larger time slider with the ability to specify a date range and intervals, the ideal fairy-tale scenario would be 2 time sliders - one to control the date range of the second time slider.

I'm not really expecting a great solution, but any advice or experience dealing with temporal data and time sliders in an app and improving the UX would be incredibly helpful.

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You can adjust the time slider and multiple time-enabled layers in the Time Slider settings in a web map. 


There is a 'mature' Web App Template that's called Time Aware, you're able to download and access the template here

There is an option to modify the CSS. You can enlarge the time slider in this application via CSS that's pretty simple. 

If you want to customize even more, here the JavaScript API information.


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We using same Customized Time Slider widget in our organization.

It's using to manage time extent(Start Date, End Date) on Field Simultaneous Activities Map. Tested for WAB from 2.8 to 2.19 and also for Portal for ArcGIS 10.6

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