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Enabling Analytics in StoryMaps for Enterprise 10.9 (new feature)

09-09-2021 04:53 PM
by Anonymous User
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With the release of ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9 came an updated release for StoryMaps with some added functionality. There is a great Story Map of the newly available features by Apurvah Shah available here: "StoryMaps in Enterprise 10.9".

One added feature that may have not gotten as much coverage yet is the new functionality to configure stories with Google Analytics tracking id's to aid in metric capturing. I'd like to cover the Enterprise-specific instructions from the base document "Configuring story settings" in a bit more detail.


As the base document notes, Google Analytics have to first be enabled for the Enterprise environment with administrative credentials first. Then, individuals with access to publishing StoryMaps should be able to attach their Google Analytics tracking ID in each of their StoryMaps.


Enabling Google Analytics tracking options:

  1. Log into your portal as a portal administrator
  2. Open up the StoryMaps application in the App Launcher (see more on apps here)
  3. After StoryMaps opens> select your account icon> and then under "Admin" select 'Organization settings"
  4. From there, the Organization Settings user interface should open where you can then enable "Allow authors to use Google Analytics"
    • Once toggled on, the page should automatically save the new setting
  5. Your StoryMap publishers should now be able to add the tracking ID's

Adding a tracking Id for Google Analytics as a publisher:

  1. Log into your portal and select the StoryMaps icon from the App Launcher
  2. Create a new story or edit an existing one
  3. In the StoryMaps editor, Select the three dots to the right of Publish> select "Story Settings"
    • This will bring up the Story settings dialog box where you can now enter your Analytics tracking ID
    • Select Save when you are done, and then re-publish the StoryMap when you are ready!


Here is a short video stepping through the whole process in an Enterprise 10.9 environment:


Happy mapping!

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Could esri please add this actual guidance to their documentation?

It took an extra half hour of Google searching to find this to see HOW to do what it says to do the documentation.  An Enterprise Portal also has organization settings; this guidance is very helpful to show that you need to go through the Story Map itself.

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