Unauthorized Access Server Manager

02-02-2023 01:55 AM
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I opened the portal to external users from the modem interface. But ,I can't access the server manager outside the server. After entering the information, I get the attached error.Or how to solve this problem?Can you help me?

I can go to this address without making a remote desktop connection.(https://domain.com:6443/arcgis/admin/)

However, I cannot go to this address.(https://domain.com/server/manager)


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It seems like you have set up a web adaptor, but did not enable the option for Administrative access when you configured it. That prevents the /manager or /admin URLs from being accessed on that web adaptor. You can visit the web adaptor setup page (https://<webadaptorhost>.domain.com/<webadaptorname>/webadaptor) again and reconfigure it with that option enabled if you want to, but consider for security if that is appropriate based on who can access that URL. If the URL can be accessed by anyone on the internet, a hacker could attempt to access your system through that endpoint and they would be able to make significant changes to your servers.

Can you load  https://domain.com/server/rest/services ?

This would be expected if the web adaptor is set up properly.

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Some good advice there.  I’ve seen several builds fail penetration testing and C&A because that check box is on.   😞

Scott Tansley
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Unfortunately, the problem is not caused by this. Because this option is clicked.

I am able to go to https://domain.com/server/rest/services successfully.I really don't understand where the problem comes from.I installed active directory on the server. In case of this, I formatted and re-installed. but again it didn't.

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