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Do custom basemaps have to be web maps and how do I get Esri basemaps in my custom gallery?

10-23-2020 10:33 AM
Occasional Contributor II

I am trying to set up our custom basemap gallery, following the instructions at Create a custom basemap gallery for your organization.  

I have a hosted tile layer that I wanted to be able to use as the default basemap. It has been shared with the group, but when I go in to settings to set it as the default, there is nothing to choose.  In ArcGIS Pro, no basemap was available on the basemap tab.  Then I saved the tile layer as a web map and shared it with the custom basemap group.  It is now available.  So my first question is: do custom basemaps for the custom basemap gallery have to be web maps, or are there other formats that also work.

My second question has to do with the Esri basemaps.  In the blog instructions, under "Set the group as the basemap gallery", it talks about a couple buttons -- Share vector basemaps, and Share raster basemaps.  I thought if I clicked on them, this would make the default Esri maps show up in my custom basemap gallery, but that is not happening.  What do these buttons actually do, and what is the process to make the Esri basemaps available from my custom basemap gallery?

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