ArcGIS Pro randomly loses or drops connection to the licensing portal

05-05-2022 08:31 AM
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I wanted to create this post in case anyone else is experiencing this issue [SOLVED].

We have Enterprise and sporadically,  throughout the day, ArcGIS Pro would lose it's connection to our portal license server.  There didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it happening I would just get a notification in the top right of Pro saying "ArcGIS Pro will be closed in 24 hours as it cannot connect to your licensing portal. Please verify that you are connected to the internet and save your work to avoid loss of data."  

As far as I could tell, my machine never dropped connection to the internet. Our server never went down. Other machines on our network were not experiencing this issue. My workaround became a daily routine to sign out of our portal and then sign in again every morning and evening. 

This went on for months. I searched the internet for a solution but came up empty. ESRI technical support was called but nothing could be determined. This continued until one faithful day when I accidentally yoinked the ethernet cable out of the wall with my foot. While I was down there I noticed that the cable didn't go to my computer directly. It went to my Avaya phone first and then another cable went from the phone to the computer. 

On a whim, I rerouted my machines ethernet cable and gave it a dedicated ethernet connection removing the Avaya phone from the chain hoping it would address my issue. It did. I haven't gotten the dropped connection message for over a week now. Apparently something in my Avaya phone was causing a blip in the network connection that ArcGIS Pro wasn't pleased with. So, if anyone else is experiencing this, make sure your machine has a direct line to the network. 


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Interesting, I have a similar setup with our Cisco phones, and I don't get this error, but I do get randomly signed out all the time. Wonder if it's related.

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