Accessing ArcGIS services in Portal vs. ArcGIS Online

03-18-2015 05:25 PM
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I have several perfectly nice arcgis services published and readily visible in rest.  Can I add them to my content in ArcGIS Online?  Yes!  No problem!  Can I add them the same way in Portal?  NO! 


Service " does not exist or is inaccessible. 

No it isn't!! It's the same address!!!

C'mon Portal... please?

Any ideas?

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These types of issues are why I use the profile picture I do . . .

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check and see that you are working thru the webadapter and don't have the port number in the url for portal when  you are adding content.

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Strange behavior but I too experienced similar issue.

I managed to handle it using following workaround, copied URL of some already added Service, pasted that URL and replaced Service Name....It worked perfectly fine for me ...I still needs to explore reason behind it.

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Turns out it was a certificate error.  Gah!  So many moving parts!  Thanks all.

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Do you mind elaborating on what type of certificate error was causing the problem?  I am having similar problems, but cannot seem to figure it out.