Need help with ArcGIS Products

08-26-2015 03:50 AM
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I am a newbie here and wondering if you guys can help.

We have Web based application developed in VS 2012 (will be migrated to VS 2013/2015 soon) with SQL Server 2008 R2 as back-end.

The requirement is to include the map in the application ->query various tables and get the longitude , latitude , statuses for the operations and display them on the map as point. Also expose this as a layer to be consumed by other applications and also consume ArcGIS layers exposed by other applications.

What would the best solution for this in ArcGIS?

I looked at the JAVAScript API and  query layer for this requirement and I can display the map however:

1) Am I on the right track?

2) How can I make the connection string configurable to connect to different database?

  This is needed as we have various clients and each have their own database in their environment.

3)How do we control access to the published layer?

4) What all licenses will we need?

Appreciate your help.



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