Open Enterprise Sites gallery items using their own URL

04-17-2021 12:06 AM
Status: Open
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Currently on 10.8.1, Enterprise Sites allows users to use Layout Builder to add a Gallery into a site's page. When a user clicks on one of the gallery items, it opens the link but 'within' the Site rather than outside of the Site.

i.e. the URL of the gallery item is (1) https://<portalURL>/apps/sites/#/<site-name>/app/<site-id>
rather than (2) https://<portalURL>/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=<site-id>

URL (1) means that the linked app opens in an iframe within the site page (and I get a vertical scrollbar as a result), whereas URL (2) would open the app using its native URL.

It'd be great to have the option of opening gallery items using their native URL rather than being embedded within the Site.

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This is relevant for 10.9.1 as well. Would be great if one could open web maps in the map viewer directly from the gallery, instead of now having to go through "Explore" --> "I want to use this" --> "Open in ArcGIS Enterprise" --> "open in Map Viewer".