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Export image customizable legend

09-19-2023 09:43 AM
Status: Open
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The ability to customize the legend on export. If I have several layers in my map, I can't add a legend without it taking up the entire page. The ability to choose which layers to show in the legend, or even to only show layers and symbols in the current map extent would be very useful. This issue is preventing a complete switch over to ArcGIS Earth from Google Earth. 

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Hi @NWhittaker ,

Thank you for the suggestion.

Could you try to hide the legend in the table of content panel ?   This may be a good workaround to help you show desired layers only.


The legend in Export window mirrors to that in Table of Content window.   If you hide it in the Legend window by the right-click context menu,  the corresponding legend item is removed from the whole legend page. 



On the other hand,  our team will research and enhance the legend editing in future release.  

Thank you again !


Sharon MU