Edit Records from Data Reviewer Session in ArcGIS Pro

07-11-2021 12:56 PM
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In ArcGIS Desktop, Data Reviewer supports the ability to edit records in a session. This isn't currently available in Pro.

We find this ability valuable - we delete/edit records in a few different scenarios:

  • When creating additional feedback during QC - We run batch jobs as part of the QC process, but also create additional records manually for the analyst to review. Sometimes we make mistakes and need to edit or remove manual records.
  • Sometimes analysts make mistakes when working through a list of errors and would like to edit the Status or Correction Notes. If they can’t edit, they may delete a record, rerun the batch, and update the Status/Correction Notes again.
  • We have a process that writes exceptions from a given session to an exception table (so they won’t pop-up in every job), but we don’t want all exceptions to be written. So in that case we delete those records prior to running the process.
  • And finally, sometimes when testing checks, we write results to a table since it can be easier to work with them. If you get incorrect results, it’s easier to delete them than getting stuck with a table full of stuff you don’t want or having multiple reviewer sessions.
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@LisaBrimhall1 Thanks for the feedback!

Quick question: Are you suggesting that you would like to be able to delete error features created using Attribute (validation) rules or created using a Reviewer Batch Job?

Thanks in advance for the clarification.