ArcGIS Data Reviewer Roadmap – Q4 2021

12-06-2021 01:01 PM

ArcGIS Data Reviewer Roadmap – Q4 2021

The latest release of Data Reviewer for ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Enterprise is now available. For information on the latest updates, see the Data Reviewer section of the What’s New in ArcGIS Pro and What’s new in ArGIS Data Reviewer Server topics.

ArcGIS Data Reviewer provides capabilities that enable you to automate and simplify data quality management processes to lower data management costs and create high quality data. The goal of the ArcGIS Data Reviewer Roadmap* is to provide you with the current estimate of when each capability will be released in the near, mid and long-term. Many of these capabilities will be made available for testing through Esri’s Early Adopters Program prior to a release. The roadmap is a living document and will be revised throughout the year to ensure it reflects the latest information.

Near-term goals for ArcGIS Data ReviewerNear-term goals for ArcGIS Data ReviewerIntegration Data Reviewer capabilities into Attribute rule workflowsIntegration Data Reviewer capabilities into Attribute rule workflowsNear-term goals for automated review workflowsNear-term goals for automated review workflows

Near-term goals for error management workflowsNear-term goals for error management workflowsMid-term goals for ArcGIS Data ReviewerMid-term goals for ArcGIS Data ReviewerLong-term goals for ArcGIS Data ReviewerLong-term goals for ArcGIS Data Reviewer

What would you like to see next in ArcGIS Data Reviewer? Share your ideas in the ArcGIS Data Reviewer Ideas board.

* Capabilities on this roadmap are tentative and subject to change, delay, or cancellation. The continued development or release of a capability is at the sole discretion of Esri.


Looks like some good stuff is coming. There are a few items listed that I think might be ones from ArcMap we've been looking/hoping for. Are further details available about some of these future enhancements? I searched around the ESRI site but didn't find anything that covered these topics. Thanks!

Hello - are there any additional details on the time frame for the geodatabase schema compare.  We are upgrading many of our scripts to Python 3.x and would love to be able to keep the schema compare tool in our script.  Thanks!

@LisaBrimhall1  For capabilities planned in the near-term, I would suggest joining the ArcGIS Pro Early Adopters Program to evaluate and test these new capabilities as they become available. This is a great opportunity to provide feedback to the development team prior to release (or enhancement ideas that can be addressed in a follow-up release).

Capabilities planned in mid/long-term are (purposely) less defined and more likely to change as we gather feedback/priorities from customers. Please contact me directly ( if you're looking for additional info on these items (or submit an idea for something that isn't currently on the roadmap!)


@BrentKastor1The Geodatabase Schema Compare GP tool is currently planned for release no sooner than the Q4 2023 release. As a long-term goal, this is subject to change and I would suggest throwing a kudo and providing feedback on this Data Reviewer idea to help the team better understand the importance of the tool in your workflow.


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