Using GSheet data in Dashboards

03-30-2019 01:03 PM
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We have a Google spreadsheet that is a running list of all of our projects. It currently feeds into a Web map in AGOL using the "Add layer from Web" via csv. Works great. We don't have to worry about updating a map every time we add a project to the list.

Now that Dashboards are so cool, I was hoping to use that Web Map and Google-fed layer in a Dashboard (either Ops Dash or Web App Dash), but it seems as if the Dashboard doesn't recognize that as a true layer. I can add the map to the Dashboard and see the layer, but can't use any of the widgets on the data. Is there any kind of workaround I can use to still maintain the data in GSheets, but have it accessible to a Dashboard without constant maintenance?

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This question is showing up in many online boards like stackexchange. With many small government organization relying on google and AGOL so heavily (but separately) during the current epidemic it's inevitable that these collisions would occur. i am dealing with potentially hundreds of google sheets all badly formatted but containing great data on the status of various COVID responses. I want to update this or a better thread on any solutions out there. But have nothing yet 

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