Serial Chart Labeling Issue (Percentages)

04-25-2018 10:02 AM
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Hi All,

I've created a serial chart with Percents along the Y-axis (and Dates on the X-axis), but I've run into an issue when trying to add a percent symbol to the labels.

I'd like to add the "%" symbol to the end of the Labels Pattern (under the Value Axis tab) without causing the values to be multiplied by 100.  (My data was entered as integers, not decimals)

Option 1: Using "#" adds a # symbol to the popup and axis values, but it multiplies the values by 100.

Option 2: Using "%" HTML decimal encoding (or Hexadecimal) adds a # symbol to the popup, but it displays as "&#37" on the axis values.


Is there a workaround for this issue?

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Having the same problem. I want to add a % symbol to the label, but when I do this, it multiplies by 100, so instead of 5%, I get 500%. The HTML code doesn't work and there appears to be no way to escape the % to prevent it from multiplying.

This needs fixing - we shouldn't have to change our data to fit the restrictions of the app.

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I am also frustrated by this.  Has anyone figured out a solution?

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I think I have the same issue that apparently still hasn't been rectified, namely: When attempting to add a "%" label to a serial chart value column the current value is just multiplied by 100. See below for decimal values vs percentages. But my values aren't decimals, they're the count of grouped records:

Data is set up to show counts of the same record statusData is set up to show counts of the same record status


It's not decimals, though that works as a display optionIt's not decimals, though that works as a display option


'percent' simply multiplies by 100'percent' simply multiplies by 100




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