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Serial Chart guide lines

03-11-2021 02:14 PM
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I'm trying to build a serial chart that contains dynamic point data and also includes line data to show thresholds for values.  These thresholds vary as we continue down the x-axis, so a straight guideline won't work.  The chart needs to filter the points by various attribute values, but the lines need to be consistent across all selections.  Here is an example of the formatting.



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A dynamic guide based on a value instead of a static value is exactly what i need. Another solution that could work is the ability to add a line chart over a bar chart.

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We are looking for the same functionality. We would like to display a dynamic guide in the form of a line above data bars within the same graph. In our case, the line would represent maximum capacity values changing over time and the bars would represent recorded volumes over the same period.

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I'd also like a dynamic guide that is based on either a summary statistic of a field or on a filtered single value in a field, instead of having to manually type one. It has value as a static value, but in our use the guide is the comparison to a county value, so each year the county as whole will change, and the users will have to manually update the guide each year. This project happens to have about 25 dashboards involved. 

Otherwise a point can be used in a series, but serial chart doesn't have a way to extend a line from edge to edge, it'll just show a single point so that's not as effective. 




Teresa Blader
Olmsted County GIS Specialist