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07-18-2013 09:43 AM
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Hello everyone!
This is probably a really simple question but I am having trouble with it.  I am setting up an Operations Dashboard that contains parcel data.  I want the appraisers to be able to search by a specific parcel number.  As far as I can tell the search tool at the top only allows for searches by location (street, address, coordinates).  Is there a way to modify the search functionality?  Or is there a widget that I am overlooking?
Thank you so much!
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Hi Melissa,

You may want to use the Query widget - you can add a query widget that lists predefined queries that your users can pick from. What might be useful in your case is if you specify that the user enters their own value to search for when they run the query; as the author of the query, you specify the data source and the attribute to search on. This help page might be useful:
"If you want the user to be prompted for a value, check the Prompt for value check box, and type the default value in the Value box. You should also enter a Prompt and a Hint for the user when the query is executed; the prompt will be displayed as a message in an input dialog box, and the hint will be shown as a ScreenTip for the input."

You are correct that the search box (the place finder) is not searching data sources in the map - it is using a global place finding service.

Hope this helps,
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Thank you so much Shelly!  I appreciate you taking the time to help me out.  I wasn't aware that the Query Widget could be set up to have the user enter a value...that seems like it will meet my needs. 
Have a wonderful day,
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