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07-03-2013 12:03 PM
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I am adding a mapserver layer to a map and the symbols display correctly. I have a rotation on the symbols by a field and that is not coming over at all in AGO. Any suggestions. I am trying to display AVL data in the operations dashboard.


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I am also attempting to use GEP and Operations Dashboard to display live AVL data and want rotational symbology.  I have searched the 10.1 help files for Feature Services, and find no mention if rotation is supported or not supported.  Here is where I am looking:

That same page does say, "Proportional symbols, as well as unique value renderers based on multiple fields, are not supported by feature services."  I saw a GeoEvent Processor demo video from the UC on Monday that showed dB levels as airplanes entered into an airport area.  The levels were shown with proportional symbols and labeling with the dB value.  As the level increased, the symbol size increased and changed color.  Either Feature Services at 10.2 now support labeling and proportional symbols, or the GEP team made a symbol for each and every dB value in the data that they had!

If there is new support at 10.2, maybe rotation is included?  I guess we will find out soon?

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Does it also happen the standard AGOL mapviewer?  Are your services hosted on a Windows or Linux system, and what version of server are you using?

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