Save As and Replace Source?

01-29-2019 07:04 PM
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Ok, so I've put in the time and effort to develop a really slick dashboard. This dashboard has multiple panels and widgets on each panel. This dashboard is really quite simple as it only references one feature service. The feature service has over 700 fields and was made in Survey123. Yes, I know 700+ fields is crazy but it works!

I know there is a Save As feature and that is great. If I were to republish the exact same survey just as a new name, is there a way to Save As the dashboard and then change the reference of all of the widgets to that new feature service that has the same schema? One recommendation from the Twitter machine is mess with the JSON in AGOL assistant. Haven't tested yet but will soon.

Thanks for the help!

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I thought about this and the post has some good information within it...I just wonder if this is something that could be achieved through the use of Jupyter Notebooks and ArcGIS Api for Python? 

I'll follow along now to see if anyone else has a slick idea on this effort also.


This makes it look doable through scripting which is exciting! especially for larger dashboards.

It looks like there's some confusing formatting in the ID fields that may make it difficult to implement though. It would be great if someone from Esri could step in and clarify the ID system. #sendhelp


Brian Kingery‌ - There is an existing idea that would support this functionality by creating a template that could be applied to other data. It could use some more votes!

 Operation dashboard - Add the ability to save as a template