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01-20-2021 03:37 AM
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Hi,, I ask you to answer whether there is a possibility to apply the "responsive design " technique to the dashboard? as the dashboard appears in different dimensions on some devices of lower screen resolution, phones, or tablets. And therefore the dashboard elements don't appear in the desired standards and quality. have Esri reached a solution to this problem?

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Hi @RaghadAbulail  I moved this post from the Community Feedback board to this ArcGIS Dashboards question board.  This has been asked a handful of times before.  See the responses from Derek Law here:

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Hi @RaghadAbulail ,

If you have specific use cases and requirements about "responsive design " with ArcGIS Dashboards, please share your feedback. We're in the process of working on improving the mobile UX for ArcGIS Dashboards and we're actively collecting feedback.