Related table field not shown in Dashboard

06-10-2019 12:36 PM
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Does portal and dashboard v10.6 have a limitation when it comes to getting related tables to show in dashboard?  

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Jordan,

Please see this thread, Using Related Tables in Operations Dashboard - specifically, please see Tif Pun‌'s post dated Mar 9, 2018.

Text starts with "Using the second-generation Operations Dashboard, .... "

Hope this helps,

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I see that it is giving the ability to flash or just select the one particular one from the list.  Which I can see be effective for some.  My ultimate goal would be more of a filter based on a category selector.  For instance on my hydrant maintenance table, if field paint required is marked yes, then I can have that on the category selector and it shows all the hydrants that have a related record with the field paint required is marked yes.  This way staff can quickly visually see the entire town at once of hydrants that need attention and then determine from there is a section of town that is most populated and want to focus on that.

Is this possible?

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