Dynamic Filter by multiple user groups

02-24-2021 04:02 PM
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I am new to Operations Dashboards, but I think I have enough information to ask this question (and would gladly accept an RTFM answer if directed to the correct source!):

First: I am using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1

I have a Dashboard for an IoT data feed that is reading two layers. The first is Hosted which serves as a single Feature per device for the purpose of filtering, and the second is referential layer for Historic time series readings stored in a Datastore off the Enterprise machine.

I have the 'all the things' version working somewhat correctly, but as I dive into my multi-tenant solution, I am unsure of what to do.

Ultimately, I need to create User Groups to add Users to and filter the data based on those users groups. I am trying to avoid creating a Dashboard for every Group, and instead would like to filter the same 1:1 Hosted Device Layer on the logged in User's Group / Permissions. Then, as I understand it, I could do the following:

A) Filter the Hosted Device layer and use that filter to further constrain the Historic Layer.

B) Use the constrained History layer to drive my UI Dashboard elements.

So, here are the questions:

1) Is it possible to filter a single layer dynamically based on the Group of a User? Or do I have to create a View layer for every Group and then assign that layer to the Group, then use that View Layer in a copy of the Dashboard in order to prevent the User from having access to the main history layer?

2) Can a Referential Layer (not Hosted) be constrained based on User Group? Hosting a copy of the layer is prohibitive, hence the two (Hosted/Referential) layer hack.

3) I found the ago-assistant.esri.com tool, and I have been trying to get it to work for me, but I am not able to get all the references to a second map (DEV/PROD) to swap without loosing all the references and configurations from the original. Any else had issues/success with that nifty tool?

and if you are so inclined to answer the other questions, for bonus points (and my heartfelt thanks)

3) Is there a widget for downloading a filtered dataset from a Dashboard table? (I want to allow the UI to do the filtering of what can be downloaded and use that UI's security to allow the user to only get the data they would have access to see based on their user's Group permissions.

Thank you! 

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@do_P4i I have a simlar issue, have you found a solution? 

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