Operations Dashboard 'Zoom to Feature' results in zooming to 0/0 latitude/longitude

11-29-2021 07:58 AM
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When I use a feature service point layer in an Operations Dashboard embedded in a map and set a category selector 'Zoom to Feature' as an action , the map zooms to the 0/0 latitude/longitude location on the earth when a user chooses one of the project points in the layer.

I do not know why that is the case. I do not have this problem with I zoom to features of the same data source within an ArcGIS Pro or an ArcMap project. I can also add the layer to a Web Map, open the table. select a project, and choose 'Center on Selection' without an issue.

Any suggestions on why the category selector is behaving this way would be useful.

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In your Dashboard map actions, are you zooming to the entire extent/basemap in addition to the layer you are zooming to? Separating the two may solve your problem, only zoom to feature on layer instead of larger source or basemap. If your layer fields note 0,0 it may also zoom that way but it does not sound like this is the case. Definitely check your map actions and what is overlapping to cause this default zoom location, because zoom to full extent will put 0,0 from basemaps as the center of zoom to feature. I've had map zoom to features on dashboard do this and it is confusing unless you find the source and actions that cause it. You could try publishing this layer as a hosted feature service than just an upload layer to help define your features in the dashboard action list. Between the source and the map actions I would suggest the problem may lie between these two, but certainly there could be other items or causes. Is the map shared differently than the data?

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Thank you for the suggestion. None of the Zoom map actions for the selected feature with my Category Selector or the Map itself with 'Zoom' let me choose anything but the whole map (unlike filter, where I can choose a layer). My category selector is using an ArcGIS Server feature service layer (0) that exists in the Web Map. It is the ONLY layer in the web map besides the basemap (which i can not turn off). If the category selector is using the features in a layer that is in the map, I would hope the Operations Dashboard element would know that the Zoom function in the map action wants to Zoom to that feature.... 
Interestingly, if I choose the action for the Category Select to 'Filter', I can choose the individual layer to filter in the map... But i'm not interested in a filter, I'd like the action to Zoom....