Operations Dashboard - Label Time Axis with every month

04-09-2019 08:49 AM
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I have created a Serial Chart in Ops Dashboard, but the axis labeling is spotty and apparently random.

Can I format the chart to label EVERY month on the x-axis?

Washoe County GIS
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Hi Jay Johnson

Here's how Patrick Brennan‌ helped me set mine up:

One thing that I need answers on from the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS‌ is why I see differences between two widgets, using the same dataset. Both my indicator widget and my serial chart‌ use my {Match percent} field which I set to 'average' for both. However, as you can see I get different average percentages in the same month. For example for February the #indicator widget‌ shows 92.6% whereas my #serial chart‌ shows 94.7%.

Anyone able to help me out understanding why?

Derek Law

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