operation dashboard: sum area error

01-17-2018 02:29 AM
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In Operation Dahboard  I'm trying  to use a simple Indicator widget to summarize area from a polygon layer in my webmap (using SHAPE AREA FIELD)

The SHAPE AREA FIELD is visible either in the mxd either in the map service and AGOL webmap: I can also see it in Operations Dashboard widget properties panel but when i use the SUM option  with tthe SHAPE-AREA field nothing appears but a message error (yellow triangle in preview): impossible to access the data.

Same thin if i chose minimum, maximum o r standar deviation options

If I make the same thingswith other numeric fields the widget works properly.

Any Suggestion???

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Is you data hosted on AGOL or via your own server?

Can you open developer tools (in Chrome) and navigate to the network tab. Then if you change the statistic to be the "SUM" of the Shape_Area field, you should see that network request being sent to the server.

If you click on the request, and open the "Preview" tab, you should see what the response from the server is.

What do you see?

Example using dev tools.

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Thank you for the help.

Unfortunately in the preview I see am error:

  1. {error: {code: 400, message: "Unable to complete operation.", details: []}}
    1. error:{code: 400, message: "Unable to complete operation.", details: []}
      1. code:400
      2. details:[]
      3. message:"Unable to complete operation."


I f i use the same layer with another numeric field the resoponse ios correct: for example

  1. {displayFieldName: "", fieldAliases: {VALUE: "VALUE"},…}
    1. displayFieldName:""
    2. features:[{attributes: {VALUE: null}}]
    3. fieldAliases:{VALUE: "VALUE"}
    4. fields:[{name: "VALUE", type: "esriFieldTypeDouble", alias: "VALUE"}]

I tried to restart or roverwrite teh service but nothing happens.

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It seems that your service was running into some problem when it tries to process this "get statistic" query. Is it possible for you to check the ArcGIS Server log (please turn on the Verbose log level) when you make this query, to see if you can get more detail out of why the server complains about the request?



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Thank you Tif, 

when query is made from Operation Dashboard the ArcFGIS Server manager log is always:

SEVERE    Geodatabase error: Attribute column not found[ORA-00904: "SHAPE"."AREA": identificativo non valido].

(translation for  identificativo non valido] non valid identifier)

Searching the net it seems and Oralce error message due to characters field name

ORA-00904 invalid identifier tips 

So I tryed to change the ALIAS for the SHAPE.AREA  field in SDE  ("AREA") and also in ArcMAP 

I tried to serve also a  new MXD and service

but nothiong change and the error is always the same.

Everty other SUM operation in Op. Dash using other numeric fields works correctly.

hera one of the maps ervice used for test:

sviluppo/test_area (MapServer) 

Thank you for your help


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Were you able to get this fixed? I'm having the same issue as well.


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When you define as Double, you should define the Precision and Scale ... without defining , not working.  I defined my Area Precision = 38 and Scale =8 

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We are experiencing the same issue mentioned in this thread. shape.length gives an error "Cannot access data" when using the indicator widget in dashboards Portal 10.8.1, was this ever resolved? What is the solution?




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Hi Aaron, 

Wondering if you ever got this sorted out? I am trying to do the same thing and having the same issue as you.