'None' option thwarting URL parameter in dashboard

06-22-2022 05:52 AM
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I have a dashboard with a category selector that has the 'None' option. This is necessary for the chart to work as desired when directly accessed.

I have also set up a url parameter so that users can link from a map and get the the dashboard pre-filtered on the selected location.

Turns out the 'None' option is preventing the selected point from being displayed, because even though I have filtered this selector to show only one feature, the 'None' option takes precedence and the dashboards opens with no features visible. The user needs to select the feature from the dropdown because it defaults to the 'None' option.

The 'None' option is set to be 'first,' and I need to preserve that. Is there any way to filter out the 'None' option in a URL parameter? I may need to make a separate dashboard without a category selector for linking from the map, but I'm hoping to avoid that.

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Randy McGregor



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