Labeling supported in Operations Dashboard?

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07-25-2014 07:00 AM
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I was very excited to see that ArcGIS online now supports labeling. But when I use the same map in my operations dashboard, the labels are not showing up. Is labeling not supported in Dashboard yet, or am I just missing something?


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It all depends on how you set things up and what kind of service that you are using.

If you are using your own install of ArcGIS for Server‌ and a Map Service, you can see labels within Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.  If you are using a Feature Service, it does not support Labeling directly.

BUT recently, ArcGIS Online‌ added labeling to the Web Map for either the Map Service or Feature Service - which can be seen in Operations Dashboard!  Please see this document for instructions:

The labeling options are limited, but it is better than nothing!

I hope this helps!


EDIT: So, just now, I FULLY read your post. 

I remember having this problem.  When I was working with it, I found that you could not use the "/0" service (ID: 0).  You have to use the service ending in "/FeatureServer".

Now I just tried to duplicate all of this and nothing is working!

Sorry - Back to the drawing board.

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As the original post stated, I created a map in, turned on labels and they work great.  But when I consume that same map in the operations dashboard, the labels do not show up.  Does anyone know when this will be fixed?


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as workaround

if you could enable <label features> from ArcMap before Publishing service, you'll get this view at Ops Dashboard Desktop edition


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Labels in Dashboard.  My workaround in the new online Dashboard was to add my map with labels as Embedded Content URL instead of adding as a Map.  I don't know if Embedded Content has always been in the dropdown with graph, pie chart, map, serial chart, indicator, but it works.  I can't tell the difference between adding as a Map vs adding as Embedded Content.  I can also use the Batch Editing widget in the map within Dashboard.

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