It is possible to edit the JSON Dashboard using Python?

02-06-2020 08:44 AM
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We use a dashboards with a lot of gadgets, which are very time consuming to make. We started using a JSON template and manipulating the code, and paste into a the Dashboard code on ArcGIS Online Assistant. Which is still time consuming. 

Recently I learned that I can edit the data of a item by using the code 

 gis.content.get("text": data)    

Which data us the .JSON file. It works perfectly for Web Maps, when I use the code to replace the JSON. But it always give me an error if I try to replace the Dashboard .JSON of an existing dashboard.

In the same way, I can create web maps using the 

gis.content.add(item_properties="text": data)    

but when I create a dashboard, the error above appears.

An easy answer would be "My .JSON is invalid/broken/has errors", but if I use the code above to replace to the exact same json code of the current dashboard, it still changes to a functional dashboard to a broken one.

Maybe these codes are not suposed to be used on Dashboards. Then, how can I update the Dashboard Json using Python? Is there another way?

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Hi Gustavo,

> It is possible to edit the JSON Dashboard using Python?

This is not a supported workflow. Sorry.

Based on the workflow you described, please vote for this enhancement request, 

Hope this helps,

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I don't see this anywhere as an enhancement request but it has my vote!

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You need to use item.update(data= NewJson) instead of add.(item_properties="text":data)

I do it in one of our dashboards as we need to dynamically update the date selectors when the data set is updated.



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