I can't seem to create a new Dashboard without the application crashing. I tried multiple maps and it crashes with each. Anyone else having issues creating new Dashboards?

02-13-2017 01:53 PM
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Every time I attempt to create a new Dashboard the program crashes. I have tried multiple maps and all fail. Below are the errors returned.

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Hi Melanie,

Is this a brand new install of Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS or did you upgrade to a new release?

If the latter, was Operations Dashboard working previously?

I don't suppose you've tried uninstalling, then re-installing the software?

Some other related threads that have suggestions to help troubleshoot:

Hope this helps,

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I actually thought that could be an issue. So I went to machine which had never had it installed and did the download/install. Same problem. I will look at your links though.

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