Showing survey123 data with Operations Dashboard

02-13-2017 04:45 AM
Esri Contributor

Hi I am trying to show on an operations dashboard how many surveys have been collected with survey123. We have a repeat function in the survey therefore one point might have more than one attribute. To show that with Operations Dashboard I added the table url as external data sources. and then created a bar graph for count of the users. 

I know that I have 12 users right now collecting data but I am only able to see 2 users when I specify the Data Source as the table I have added.

Note that exactly the same survey is implemented in a different city and I followed the same workflow with the same data and I can see all my other three users in the different survey. This was all working before and then I have no idea what happened and this isn't working anymore.

Please help in case you guys know anything about this issue.



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Esri Contributor

Hi all,

In case any one passed by this my problem was that the feature service I was using only supported 1000 features here is the link on how to fix this issue: 

another post is there on this topic in case needed: 

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