How do I get dashboard to display time series data from fixed location monitoring points? What widget to use?

03-16-2018 06:46 AM
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I want to display in a line plot the values of a point on the Y-axis and time on the X-axis that when you click the point on the map the graph shows up.

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Hi Cree Eelgrass‌,

If you could provide a bit more information about your data that would be helpful. It sounds like perhaps you have a feature layer with site locations and a table layer with inspections (that has a site ID field matching the ID's on the site layer). 

I'd suggest you create a Serial Chart with your inspection table. Then, configure actions on the map. Under the site layer, when selection changes you want to "filter" (your action) the "serial chart" (your target). Choose your primary and foreign ID fields (source and target fields). Press done. A selection map tool will appear on your map now that you can use to select the site to filter the serial chart of inspections pertaining to that site.

Hope this helps.