How can i use data with double values?

03-16-2021 05:35 AM
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I have a problem with making a good working dashboard.


The data has a field with more than one domain values. For example: “A”, “A, B”, “C”.

This worked well for Indicators, because you can filter for that field that Contains a domain value.

Also it worked for a specific list for each value: “A” and “B”.

In a Category Selector, by default all the combinations of values are listed:”A”, “A, B”, “B”, etc.

You can adjust these items, but the results of an action never shows the option “A, B”.


Can this fixed by using Arcade to get a list with unique values?

If so, please send me an example script.


How can I solve this?


Jaap Smit 

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Category Selectors work off of the unique values present in the field, so if no feature has the value "A, B", it won't pick it up from the domain.

The only way to get your selector to include all the values from the domain is to use Defined Options rather than grouped values.

If your domain has a large number of values, you could use the ArcGIS Python API and combine FeatureLayerCollection.query_domains() and CategorySelector.set_defined_values() to quickly populate the defined values from the domain.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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It's a first little step, but I miss my count...

Jaap Smit

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