Flash action from table selection not available

01-03-2022 11:42 AM
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I have an application where we would like a spatial boundary to flash from selections made on a table. I have a table which is based on features and yet flash is not an available action from that table, only filter is. The link below suggests that it should work. Any ideas on why it isn't available on my end?



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I have the same issue. In my case, I only have the Filter action available because I'm displaying data as grouped values rather than as features (see the Table Type option below). 


Changing the table type to Features exposes the rest of the actions, but that's not an acceptable solution for me because I have hundreds of features and need to group them.


I really would love to be able to flash or zoom to all the features in my grouped values as well (some groups have only a few tiny features and are nearly impossible to find on the map). Obviously the Show pop-up option wouldn't work, but it's not immediately clear to me why it shouldn't be able to apply the Flash, Pan, or Zoom actions to the entire set of grouped features.

- Holly