Edit data within an Operations Dashboard

06-15-2021 10:54 AM
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I'm looking to set up a Dashboard for data QC that allows users to fill in one or two fields. As I understand, there are a few workarounds for editing data within Dashboards.

1.) Including a Survey 123 form as embedded content - I have not been able to get this to work because the database that I am working from has already been created and I have been unable to create a Survey 123 form from it due to it not being set up to enable the supportsApplyEditsWithGlobalIds option. This does not seem like an option.

2.) Creating a web application that includes an edit widget and use it as an embedded content - I have done this, but I can't find a way for the embedded web app to support zoom or filter actions, so it kind of defeats the purpose. Is there a way to set up a zoom or filter for embedded web apps within the Dashboard?

3.) Is there another workaround to set up editing of data within a Dashboard?

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As far as I know, the embedded dashboard is the only way to edit from a dashboard.

Does your layer have a globalID field?

You may be able to set up an embedded app that takes URL parameters, but in my experience, those don't always work well.

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Hi @MollyMoore,

Is there a way to set up a zoom or filter for embedded web apps within the Dashboard?

No, this functionality is not possible.

Is there another workaround to set up editing of data within a Dashboard?

ArcGIS Dashboards was not designed to support editing workflows. It was designed as a type of data "presentation" app. Sorry.

You may want to take a look at ArcGIS Web AppBuilder as an alternative approach. It offers a "dashboard" theme, where the app has a similar layout to a dashboard.  You could leverage its Edit widget capabilities and you may be able to enable some "zoom or filter actions" with other widgets.

Hope this helps,

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@DerekLaw I was also surprised to find that I could not do this today.

The vision here is 

A list widget on the left listing each item the user has to work though. 

A map in the middle with several layers the user needs to make a determination on a point.

A new style web editing form from the new map viewer at the right for the user to edit a few fields based on their determination.

This way a user can work down the list they need to do while quicky editing on the right.  We had all of this setup in Geocortex and it was slick.  We are really struggling to recreate this in Arc.

ExB does have an edit widget now but ExB still has so far to go.  Plus I think I lose the ability to do data expressions.

Please consider opening up Dashboards to editing.  I get what you are saying but your customers are asking for it.  thanks for considering

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Edit here as I was able to get some of this in Experience builder actually.  Data expressions still an issue I think.


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Hi @DougBrowning,

Please consider opening up Dashboards to editing. 

FYI, I haven't worked on the ArcGIS Dashboards team in over 2 years. I currently work on the ArcGIS Monitor team. Sorry.

Attention: @patrickb 

Hope this helps,