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Data not showing in Dashboard

02-08-2021 01:50 AM
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Hi Everyone,

i have published my Web Map with around 45,000 points in it.  when i open my Web Map i see all my data with no problem. (enterprise).i have created similar dashboard previously with same set up and never had any problem.

but when i create a Dashboard from that Web Map i don't see any of my points (to be exact i can always see 1 point and it draws in a wrong location) ! Dashboard still shows my data when i add Indicator or List with correct number of features. I have no filter at any level.

i have then published the same web map in AGOL and had no luck with Dashboard - then i tried it on Dashboard2 Beta and it worked fine there.

i have also tried creating my web map from published feature layer and had no luck there as well.

would anyone has an idea what could cause that problem?

attached are screen shot from the web map and dashboard






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I am experiencing this same issue. However, the original feature layer shows up in the dashboard for me but not when I use the "view only" feature layer. Was there any resolution to this? 

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