ArcGIS Dashboards - Not supporting table data giving ERROR

06-16-2021 11:46 AM
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Hello ArcGIS Dashboards Team, 

Two of our high profile dashboards are throwing errors, upon trying to resolve issue it appears that our ArcGIS Online hosted table data isn't even being recognized by the ArcGIS Dashboards application. Rendering and visualization of tabular data is critical for both of these applications.







@DerekLaw any ideas what the cause is?


As always, thanks!


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Hi @Amanda__Huber

I am not aware of any hosted feature services outage issues. Are the hosted feature services working correctly outside of ArcGIS Dashboards? Can you open and view them in the Map Viewer? 

FYI, ArcGIS Online Health Status page

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Hi Derek, 

My apologies, this isn't an AGOL Hosted it's served up from ArcGIS Portal. 

That being said, the service is working everywhere else but the dashboard. When trying to rebuild the widget, the dashboard does not recognize/add the table from the service:






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Hi @Amanda__Huber,

  • What release of ArcGIS Enterprise are you running?
  • Did anything happen to the ArcGIS Enterprise instance recently that might have caused the behavior change? Like an upgrade? Did you apply any patches?
  • Did you modify the dashboard item with something like AGOL Assistant (unsupported) and mess around with the JSON file?

When trying to rebuild the widget, the dashboard does not recognize/add the table from the service

A quick test: can you create a new dashboard from scratch with just a single element, like Map, and try to access the service(s) - does dashboard recognize and see the feature service data? What happens?

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