No unique values for data split by a field

12-18-2020 08:10 AM
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I think I know the issue, which is that there are too many unique values - 700+. Of course this is a ridiculous number to try to provide unique colors for, but I don't need 733 unique colors. 20 unique colors cycled over and over would be fine. I just need different colors for each value and am willing to risk the occasional situation where 2 values have similar colors.

Is the large number of values the culprit? If so, is there any workaround? This chart won't work if I can't distinguish one site from another by color.


When I select, "Load Series" nothing happens.



Thank you,

Randy McGregor


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I also have this problem, and no sense of how to get around it.  Is there a way to make the series symbology dynamic for instance based on filter selection? 

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