Dashboard Selector for Related Records?

10-26-2020 06:58 AM
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Is there a way to have a selector populated with fields from a related table, that when one is selected, filters the related locations on a map?

I have a Dashboard I'm working on building for our county Vector Control guy.  We have tick dragging locations on a map, and a related table of Drag Reports, where he enters the tick species that are captured at a drag.

He wants a filter on his dashboard that will

so like say I wanted only the drag sites that i caught Dermacentor variabilis, I could selected that specie and only the spots where that species has been found will pop up on the map

Seems to me that this should be possible with field mapping but I have not been able to get this.

I have it wired in the opposite direction, where selecting a map location filters a list of related reports, but I've not had success coming up with some combination of widgets that allows him to select a related table field to filter the map.

Any suggestions?


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Hello Kara,

ArcGIS Dashboards support configuring a Selector from a related table (e.g. table B) and sending the filter action to a layer in the map (e.g. feature class A), as long as you configure the key field as the filter field, which is depends on how the relationship class was created.

Usually, the GlobalID & GUID field is used.

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I've got a similar situation (I think).  I've got a dashboard showing emergency generators, and an indicator showing the amount of fuel used, which comes from a related table.  I'd like to filter the amount total when selecting a generator or multiple generators from a list.  When I try to configure the Filter in the list, the GlobalID field isn't in the list of available fields to filter by.

My relationship maps the GlobalID field from the Generators point features to a GeneratorID field in the GeneratorMaint table.

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Hello -- 

I've got a similar question -- 

We are using GlobalID and GUID to link the related table to the parent. 

I'd like a selector based on the related table (category field) that then filters the parent... but i'm having trouble figuring out how to choose that option in the filter -- it seems like it wants a category field in the parent table ... 

i tried a version that added a join to the related table, but the dashboard didn't seem to like the join ... 

Is this possible?  Thanks for any help or direction you can offer!