Dashboard List Action

07-14-2021 09:31 AM
New Contributor II

I have 2 List (Stacked) hitting the same feature layer, the list have different filters.  Have an List Action for both when selected to show in the same Details pane.  Works fine when I stay on the same List, when I use the other List the Details show "no data", if I go back to the first List it now shows no data.  Doesn't matter which List I start with the results are the same, the Details says no data.  I can add another Detail  pane (that would be Stacked) matching each List, but I think that would be confusing to users to keep them on the correct corresponding tabs matching the List and the Detail.  Thought there would a way to click one tab and have the corresponding Detail tab gain focus, otherwise the user has to make sure they are looking at the correct Detail to match the List.

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